The Impostors at Food Loop

Presenting my project The Impostors at Food Loop, the collective exhibition by LUZ opening next week, on Tuesday 23rd at Boutek, Milan.


Four well-known dishes with strong historical meanings rooted in the past, are observed from a contemporary perspective that aims to capture the transition they went through to be what they are today. The installations, then photographed, aim to spark doubts on food culture and food exploitation, focusing the gaze on two different paths a recipe can take.
The first, from traditional dish to fast food and the second, from street food to a strategically elevated gourmet experience, in both cases desecrating the original value.

Photography by Mattia Balsamini
Set design by Elena Mora

TheImpostors_Balsamini_01 TheImpostors_Balsamini_02


Arts and Foods at Triennale for Italo Rota Studio

I recently worked on a documentation project of Arts & Foods, the exhibition Pavilion at Triennale di Milano, curated by Germano Celant and designed by Italo Rota. The project had been commissioned by Italo Rota Studio with which I had the chance to work closely before on a book photo essay. The exhibition, which is conceived as one of the official satellite pavilions of the Milan Expo, is a panoramic view of the way aesthetics and design are intertwined with the ritual of eating in an exhibition that is made up not just of artworks, but also of installations and aural, olfactory and cinematic experiences. I Interpreted the four main areas on which the exhibition develops with the four different concepts Rota’s worked with: white on white, color on color, grey on color and Cucine ed Ultracorpi, an excursus that plays with the idea that household appliances are aliens coming from another planet to conquer the world. The playful approach also works with the relationship between kitchen and home injuries.

I truly invite you to go and visit it, more info HERE.

Below a small selection of images taken from the four different series.

Special thanks to Francesca Grassi, Domiziana Bani, Marco Fabris and Teo Zanin for the collaboration on the shooting concepts.

balsamini_artsandfood11 balsamini_artsandfood06 balsamini_artsandfood07 balsamini_artsandfood08 balsamini_artsandfood09 balsamini_artsandfood10 balsamini_artsandfood12 balsamini_artsandfood13 balsamini_artsandfood14 balsamini_artsandfood15 balsamini_artsandfood16 balsamini_artsandfood17 balsamini_artsandfood18 balsamini_artsandfood19 balsamini_artsandfood20 balsamini_artsandfood21 balsamini_artsandfood22

Giuseppe Sala / Wired Magazine HACK THE EXPO (pt.2)

Portraits of Giuseppe Sala, CEO of Expo 2015 since 2010 for an in-depth interview and article by Guido Romeo, about the importance of making Expo an open platform which also has to be appealing to kids – in order to accomplish the estimated 20 million visitors.
Filled with info and data, a true gem. Below tearsheets of the opener and his interview.

And Mr. Expo said: “Hack us!” by Guido Romeo / Photography Mattia Balsamini

As usual, infinite thanks to: David Moretti, Francesca Morosini and Michela Locci.

balsamini-sala-web balsamini-sala-web2

The wheat campaign / Wired Magazine HACK THE EXPO (pt.1)

This month, WIRED magazine focused its attention on food and the imminent Food Expo, beginning may 2015 in Milan. With the awareness that this international event is going to be an opportunity that cannot be missed, bringing to the city an estimated number of 20 million people, the magazine brings to the table ideas and initiatives for whom wants to actively participate – creating connections by making nodes visible to each other.

In this context, I had the opportunity of photographing three separate features for the magazine – all of them connected to the central theme. The story below is a fascinating look into the world of Rosario Floriddia (and more generally a report about wheat production). Floriddia is a farmer son of farmers, who in the outskirts of Pisa, with specialized agronomists is working on the genetical improvement of the crops. Nothing to do with GMO’s – they are experimenting the so called “participative breeding”. Below the tearsheets.

The wheat campaign by Elisabetta Tola / Photography Mattia Balsamini

Many thanks to: David Moretti, Francesca Morosini, Elisabetta Tola, Riccardo Bocci, Rosario Floridda (for the bags of goodies they sent us on our way with after the shoot), Giulia Bonelli, Marianna Leone, Paola Bonvini, Michela Locci and Gianni Gigli.


Paolo Gasparini for New Scientist.

About a month ago I had the chance to portray Paolo Gasparini for the New Scientist. The geneticist got back from a 20.000 kilometers expedition on the Silk Road, trying to establish what are the connections between genes and preferences in taste.
Below the tearsheets of a fascinating interview by Laura Margottini and the article that generated from it which appeared on the May 18th 2013 issue.

Many thanks to Teresa Frausin and Maurizio Polese for their help.

NSC_180513_029-1-web NSC_180513_029-3-web paolo-web