Contingency Plans – Covid 19

For the past month I worked together with friend and journalist Raffaele Panizza on a photo essay titled Contingency Plans, about companies across Italy that promptly converted or adapted their production lines to respond to the Covid 19 outbreak. This body of work was supported by, an ongoing permanent archive of the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on people’s lives around the globe. We were granted access to emergency productions, makers’ small labs and witnessed extensive shifts of voluntary workers, productions lines that expanded their limits through the collaborations of military and civil engineers – working together to produce strategic and life saving goods. These are stories of a country that was able to never really stop.

This story was produced thanks to a grant by Cortona on the Move.
Thank you Arianna Rinaldo, Antonio Carloni and Veronica Nicolardi and to all the companies who allowed us in to document their work. Head over to the online platform to read the full story.

Only the best stories / A Campaign for ABC Tools

This year I was lucky enough to work on some interesting advertising campaigns – this specific project, shot for Sterling Cooper and ABC Tools,  required to bring the aesthetics of a long term ‘obsession’ I’ve had for workers, again into an advertising world. We had the chance to work at Pris Mag in a truly fascinating location in Cambiago, just outside Milan where, in their production line, trucks are customized to work for different purposes, from agriculture to special transportation.

Many thanks to Lorenzo Cabras at Sterling Cooper, Matteo Mascetti, Nicola Fornasieri, Mattia Giani,and of course Pris-mag s.r.l. for the location.

ABCTools_layout_advThe scouting images taken by Matteo Mascetti of the impressive location.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

Centenario BNL / Adv Campaign

A few weeks ago I was hired to shoot a national ad campaign for BNL. The project for Banca Nazionale del Lavoro was focused on the gestures of different professions, making actions talk – instead of words. The copy reads: “For 100 years we have been listening to this Italy”. It has been intensive and very “guerrilla style” production. We photographed real workers in real locations, which required us to move quickly and seamlessly on set. We traveled between two italian regions, Friuli and Lombardia, shooting small artisans workshops and large industrial assembly lines, portraying the protagonists of Italy’s economic growth in the last century. Overall a fantastic experience that once again made me fall in love with somewhat documenting what my nation is. Here are three of the subjects that have already been published.

balsamini-bnl1 balsamini-bnl2 balsamini-bnl3

Together with the photographs, the campaign also features a beautiful movie directed by Emanuele Crialese, director among others of Nuovomondo and Terraferma, two award-winning movies of the last twenty years. This is the integral version of the commercial:

Also, below some backstage snapshots taken on set throughout the week.