Contingency Plans – Covid 19

For the past month I worked together with friend and journalist Raffaele Panizza on a photo essay titled Contingency Plans, about companies across Italy that promptly converted or adapted their production lines to respond to the Covid 19 outbreak. This body of work was supported by, an ongoing permanent archive of the Coronavirus pandemic and its impact on people’s lives around the globe. We were granted access to emergency productions, makers’ small labs and witnessed extensive shifts of voluntary workers, productions lines that expanded their limits through the collaborations of military and civil engineers – working together to produce strategic and life saving goods. These are stories of a country that was able to never really stop.

This story was produced thanks to a grant by Cortona on the Move.
Thank you Arianna Rinaldo, Antonio Carloni and Veronica Nicolardi and to all the companies who allowed us in to document their work. Head over to the online platform to read the full story.

The Rosetta Space Program

Rosetta Space Program for GQ.

I had the chance to enter the labs where Finmeccanica develops the solar panel and drilling technology used on the Philae lander, part of the mission.

Mission Rosetta is a space program launched in 2004 by the European Space Agency that landed on Comet 67P ⁄ Churyumov-Gerasimenko on November 12th, 2014. The mission objectives are to uncover the chemical and physical secrets of comets – primordial clusters of ice and dust that may explain the origins of the solar system and of life on Earth.

Below some of the images published in the issue together with some outtakes. Many thanks to Carlo Antonelli, Livia Corbò, Raffaella Rosati and Michela Locci for her assistance.

GQ01410S0000_017902ROSETTA balsamini-GQ-Rosetta009 balsamini-GQ-Rosetta015 balsamini-GQ-Rosetta013balsamini-GQ-Rosetta023 balsamini-GQ-Rosetta017 balsamini-GQ-Rosetta019 balsamini-GQ-Rosetta027 balsamini-GQ-Rosetta032 balsamini-GQ-Rosetta006

Editors for PUNKT Magazine

“There is a part of Italy where fashion editors are between 25 and 40 years old, young yet aware, they know what they’re doing, they follow a creative path consistent with their aesthetic and not necessarily subject to the will of a publisher. They promote independent publishing projects (not just on paper), organize exhibitions and export Italian fashion all over the world. There is a part of Italy where being young is not necessarily discriminatory. These are ten fashion editors we particularly care about.”

Originally photographed for PUNKT Magazine – The Editors Project. Make sure you check out the full interviews and all images HERE.

Thank you very much to Marcello Dino Junior, Roberto Ortu and Linda Calugi for this project.

balsamini-PUNKT-editors003-testbalsamini-PUNKT-editors002-testbalsamini-PUNKT-editors004-test balsamini-PUNKT-editors007-test

Mario Balotelli for GQ

Last month I had the rare pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Mario Balotelli. The day was dedicated to a portrait session and a long in depth interview for the june Issue of GQ, entirely dedicated to the Brasil World Cup. Very glad the shoot made it to the cover, my very first one. Here the preview of the interview (in italian).

Many thanks to Massimilano Ferramondo for believing in my work. Also many thanks to Livia Corbò, Raffaella Rosati, Andrea Porro, Nicolò Russian, Maurizio Lucchese and Circus Studios in Milan.

Mario Balotelli – Interview: Tim Small / Photographs: Mattia Balsamini



Only the best stories / A Campaign for ABC Tools

This year I was lucky enough to work on some interesting advertising campaigns – this specific project, shot for Sterling Cooper and ABC Tools,  required to bring the aesthetics of a long term ‘obsession’ I’ve had for workers, again into an advertising world. We had the chance to work at Pris Mag in a truly fascinating location in Cambiago, just outside Milan where, in their production line, trucks are customized to work for different purposes, from agriculture to special transportation.

Many thanks to Lorenzo Cabras at Sterling Cooper, Matteo Mascetti, Nicola Fornasieri, Mattia Giani,and of course Pris-mag s.r.l. for the location.

ABCTools_layout_advThe scouting images taken by Matteo Mascetti of the impressive location.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

Levante and three more for Rolling Stone Magazine

A series of portraits I did as part of an advertorial for Oxydo on Rolling Stone magazine, now on the newsstands.

This was a dream assignment, photographed over the course of two days all over Milan, and actually having enough time ahead and after the shoots to get to know the talents and really connect with them. Below the tearsheets.

Many thanks for their trust in my work to Roberta Reineke and to Luca Garavini, Nicola Fornasieri, Levante, Melampus, Stefano Terzuolo and Anna Twiggy.


Mechanics for Mercedes-Benz

A set of portraits I had the chance to take in Rome for Mercedes Benz / 24h Service. The first set of adv just came out so I thought it would be nice to share.

Many thanks to: Carla Leveratto, Arturo Vittorioso, Luca Ferrante, Daisy Calleja and the staff at Mercedes Benz Italia in Rome.


Also, thank you very much to Luca Ferrante at Studio 154 for the backstage images.
_DSC6371 _DSC6363

Caorso nuclear power plant for Wired Magazine.

In December of last year I got assigned for Wired
 Magazine to photograph the nuclear power plant of Caorso, Italy. Its reactors have been turned off in 1986 – but the dismantling is still ongoing. Caorso is going to be the largest reclamation of a nuclear site in Europe. So there is a very delicate debate on where the national deposit of nuclear waste will be located. The article (in italian) is by Guido Romeo, at this link.

Below are some of the published images on the current February issue and some outtakes.



For the past 4 months, together with my photography partners Alessandro Venier and Maurizio Polese, I’ve been shooting a large collection of local artisans of the province. Unique jobs that are now facing extinction.

The project is sponsored by ASCOM and Confartigianato, the Artisans and Traders Union of Pordenone, Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia. The number of images is growing by the day, we are extremely proud of having the chance to work on this.