Alajmo Chefs for Christies Magazine

I spent a day at the renowned restaurant Quadri to photograph Max and Raf Alajmo and a selection of their dishes for Christie’s Magazine.  I will never get used to the unusual treat of tasting first class food after shooting it.

Many thanks to art director Lee Belcher, photo editor Lucy Perceval, producer Carly Grey and friend/assistant Giuliano Tarlao. Below the tearsheets of the article by Lee Marshall.

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The outskirts of Padova for L’Espresso

A few months ago , with journalist Roberto Di Caro, I worked on a story on the outskirts of Padua. The intent was to understand more of some social issues that plague the city, including poverty, immigration and management of crime.

On issue #6 of the L’Espresso magazine are published the reportage and the article. Special thanks to Tiziana Faraoni , Roberto Di Caro and Stevie Stivella.

The article HERE.

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Teatro alla Scala for WIRED

Immense spaces as large as aircraft hangars, a scenic system among the most modern in Europe , tens of thousands of followers on social networks . The temple of Italian opera is at a critical crossroad : tradition or innovation ?

For the December/January double issue of WIRED magazine I spent a day photographing the engine behind the productions of one of the world’s most famous theaters.

Many thanks to assistants Stefano Sargentini and Teo Zanin as well as photo editor Francesca Morosini.




Editors for PUNKT Magazine

“There is a part of Italy where fashion editors are between 25 and 40 years old, young yet aware, they know what they’re doing, they follow a creative path consistent with their aesthetic and not necessarily subject to the will of a publisher. They promote independent publishing projects (not just on paper), organize exhibitions and export Italian fashion all over the world. There is a part of Italy where being young is not necessarily discriminatory. These are ten fashion editors we particularly care about.”

Originally photographed for PUNKT Magazine – The Editors Project. Make sure you check out the full interviews and all images HERE.

Thank you very much to Marcello Dino Junior, Roberto Ortu and Linda Calugi for this project.

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Mario Balotelli for GQ

Last month I had the rare pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Mario Balotelli. The day was dedicated to a portrait session and a long in depth interview for the june Issue of GQ, entirely dedicated to the Brasil World Cup. Very glad the shoot made it to the cover, my very first one. Here the preview of the interview (in italian).

Many thanks to Massimilano Ferramondo for believing in my work. Also many thanks to Livia Corbò, Raffaella Rosati, Andrea Porro, Nicolò Russian, Maurizio Lucchese and Circus Studios in Milan.

Mario Balotelli – Interview: Tim Small / Photographs: Mattia Balsamini



The wheat campaign / Wired Magazine HACK THE EXPO (pt.1)

This month, WIRED magazine focused its attention on food and the imminent Food Expo, beginning may 2015 in Milan. With the awareness that this international event is going to be an opportunity that cannot be missed, bringing to the city an estimated number of 20 million people, the magazine brings to the table ideas and initiatives for whom wants to actively participate – creating connections by making nodes visible to each other.

In this context, I had the opportunity of photographing three separate features for the magazine – all of them connected to the central theme. The story below is a fascinating look into the world of Rosario Floriddia (and more generally a report about wheat production). Floriddia is a farmer son of farmers, who in the outskirts of Pisa, with specialized agronomists is working on the genetical improvement of the crops. Nothing to do with GMO’s – they are experimenting the so called “participative breeding”. Below the tearsheets.

The wheat campaign by Elisabetta Tola / Photography Mattia Balsamini

Many thanks to: David Moretti, Francesca Morosini, Elisabetta Tola, Riccardo Bocci, Rosario Floridda (for the bags of goodies they sent us on our way with after the shoot), Giulia Bonelli, Marianna Leone, Paola Bonvini, Michela Locci and Gianni Gigli.


Levante and three more for Rolling Stone Magazine

A series of portraits I did as part of an advertorial for Oxydo on Rolling Stone magazine, now on the newsstands.

This was a dream assignment, photographed over the course of two days all over Milan, and actually having enough time ahead and after the shoots to get to know the talents and really connect with them. Below the tearsheets.

Many thanks for their trust in my work to Roberta Reineke and to Luca Garavini, Nicola Fornasieri, Levante, Melampus, Stefano Terzuolo and Anna Twiggy.


Amendola / Drone military base for WIRED Magazine

Last month I was sent on assignment for WIRED to document the activity of Amendola, a military base in the province of Foggia. The base has been converted into an operative control center of Predator and Reaper aircrafts drones.

The article by Federico Petroni explores past scenarios in which these aircrafts have been used, such as information acquisition in Afghanistan, and talks about the current use in the context of Mare Nostrum – an operation activated after the last tragic accident in Lampedusa – which objectives are to control the flow of migrants and reduce the dangers by constantly patrolling the skies above the island.

Predator drones are able to fly for more than 20 consecutive hours at heights of about 8000 meters. With good visibility they can read a name of a boat and even recognize faces of passengers. This last ability in particular has been key to organize rescue teams on land and arrest the illegal carriers.

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Below I’ve also included the cover of the newly restyled magazine and a spread featuring its manifesto for re-growth, a beautiful inspirational mantra for a new look at the future.

wired-cover wired-manifesto

Paolo Gasparini for New Scientist.

About a month ago I had the chance to portray Paolo Gasparini for the New Scientist. The geneticist got back from a 20.000 kilometers expedition on the Silk Road, trying to establish what are the connections between genes and preferences in taste.
Below the tearsheets of a fascinating interview by Laura Margottini and the article that generated from it which appeared on the May 18th 2013 issue.

Many thanks to Teresa Frausin and Maurizio Polese for their help.

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