Elementi Utili – 1st price at 99ma Collettiva Giovani Artisti BLM

Super proud to announce that our artist book and installation Elementi Utili, produced with Collettivo Fernweh, won the first price at the 99ma Collettiva Giovani Artisti Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa.

A huge ‘thank you’ to all the people who helped us in the project: Michele Missinato, Dott. Giovanni Del Ben, Avv. Letizia Pascutto, Archivio Storico del Comune di Pordenone, Biblioteca Civica di Pordenone, Elisa Vendramin, Teo Zanin.

More info here: http://www.bevilacqualamasa.it/home


The West Family / Bolo Paper

Last December Pordenone hosted a three-day country fair. Visitors came from some of the most remote italian regions, as well as Germany, Switzerland and Slovenia. For a weekend the town exhibition halls have become saloons, ranches but above all dance floors. Partly for the masochism of wanting to hear country rock (and dance) music, but also a bit out of curiosity, I decided to attend it. In the end what came out is this publication, printed and published by Tipografia Reali and BOLO. The layout is by Cecilia Cappelli who re traced patterns of some of the many country dances. At this link you can find some more information if you are interested in getting a copy: http://mattiabalsamini.bigcartel.com/product/the-west-family Thanks to Teo Zanin following me and endures even when I myself do not know what I’m doing . _MG_7906_MG_7916-2 _MG_7927 _MG_7925 _MG_7924 _MG_7922 _MG_7919 _MG_7917 _MG_7916

Postcards / Country Christmas

Last weekend I had nothing better to do than grabbing my camera and indulge in the “country-ness” of an indoor cowboy fair held in Pordenone. Here is a little selection of images. I’m working on little zine that will be released next year, hopefully already in January.

Many, many thanks to Teo Zanin for always being so patient on carrying lights. 

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Ogni adolescenza.

È ora di tirare le somme – oggi in italiano.

Con lunedì ho concluso la mia prima esperienza di insegnamento ad un workshop di fotografia in collaborazione con La Tempesta e Il Rivolta. Un workshop è diverso da una lezione. Lo dice la parola stessa, c’è del “work” da fare. Ci si sporca le mani. Cecilia Ibañez mi ha coinvolto in questa esperienza che lei gestisce ormai con grande disinvoltura da anni. Lei la Tempesta l’ha vista crescere da vicino. Io invece l’ho vista crescere da “utente”.

Questa è la grande differenza. E di questo volevo scrivere.

Sono nato a Pordenone, ho scoperto la musica della mia città ad adolescenza inoltrata, sono arrivato un pelo tardi, credo. La prima volta che ho ascoltato La Testa Indipendente dei TARM ero al mare, stavo aspettando la corriera per tornare verso casa. Non ci potevo credere che gente così vicina a me potesse parlarmi tramite la musica, di cose che sentivo così mie. Faceva sembrare tutto ancora più vicino, ancora più forte.

Come molti altri coetanei sono andato anche a ritroso nella scena di Pordenone, riscoprendo Futuritmi, Tampax e tutti gli altri. Ma il fascino più grande ( o forse è meglio chiamarla sindrome da fratellino minore ) l’ho vissuto guardando al Post-Great Complotto.

Ieri viaggiando con Cecilia in macchina ci siamo ritrovati ad ascoltare un intervista a Davide Toffolo su Radio 2, dove qualcuno ha definito i TARM un fenomeno sociale.  Io sono d’accordo, e credo anche che tutto il movimento delle band da loro supportate e prodotte in questi anni si stia definendo come tale. La Tempesta non è solo un’etichetta, è finalmente il nome che possiamo dare al movimento nella sua interezza.

Provo riverenza per questa scena, ho deciso di guardarla per quanto mi è possibile sempre dal”esterno. Ho paura che se mi avvicino troppo potrebbe sparire la magia. La pelle d’oca. E allora la distanza rimane, mi avvicino ogni tanto, scatto qualche foto. Ma poi torno a casa e rimango ad ascoltare.

Grazie Cecilia, grazie Davide, grazie Enrico, grazie Luca. Grazie a tutti quelli che fanno vivere La Tempesta. Nei prossimi giorni inizieremo a pubblicare le immagini che hanno prodotto i ragazzi del workshop – alcuni bellissimi lavori. Tornate a leggerci.

Qui sotto una piccola anteprima delle immagini della serata. Hard Core Tamburo, Umberto Maria Giardini e Pan del Diavolo.


Hands and Silence.

Almost two years after the beginning idea, the result is in our hands, tangible. I’m very exited to let you know the book we’ve been working on with so much energy, has been published and will be available in two weeks.

Modern portraits of old craftsmanships has been a long term project that just got to the end. I by the way would like to thank everyone who helped bringing it to life.


This book is the result of research and a journey in our province lasted a year and a half. We visited more than 60 workshops meeting the last representatives of trades that are endangered. We portrayed them in their workspaces, where the final customer usually does not have access. Women and men, witnesses and architects of a world that, despite the difficulties, and the modernization continues to exist precisely, where it has always been. A reality that today more than ever shows us the way to an innovative succession planning – looking to the future without forgetting past.


Below a short making of video by our good friend Edoardo Vojvoda, that follows the printing process and serves as invitation to the presentation event.

To our italian friends – who could be able to be at the presentation event: we will show the book and talk about it -together with the writers and  the institutions who supported us, on December 5th, at the Pordenone library, Piazza XX Settembre at 8.30pm.  The book will be available for purchase that night and by December 6th, in bookstores. It will also be soon available for purchase on the web, shipping worldwide.

Here is the link to the event. We really hope to see you there.

The Condition.

I repost a blog entry by good friend Edoardo Vojvoda. What happened? A short movie project I helped out as gaffer on has just been released and is now going through festivals. The poster is a shot I did of a custom designed bottle by Federico Manias while the soundtrack is completely original, produced, written and arranged by Edoardo Pedrotti & Stefano Salmaso and recorded by so many amazing friends of our city at Altracoustic Studios in Pordenone.

This is Edo’s original post:

“Two years ago, when I was living in California, Greg, René and I decided to shoot a short movie before the end of the University year. Reel Loud, a Silent Film Festival in Santa Barbara, was coming on, so we planned to shot a silent movie in 16mm to show at the festival.

Two years later, I find myself in Pordenone, with a short movie shot with the Canon 5D, dubbed in Italian, subtitled in English, with an amazing Original Score and Poster. How did we end up here? I don’t really know but I like it.

Half of my friends collaborated in this movie. I love you guys all.

So…where is the short movie? It’s going through Festivals, so it’s not public yet. No worries, it’ll be out soon. In the meantime. here’s our wonderful soundtrack.”

Don’t forget the Popcorn.

Francesco Vanin is the CEO of one of Italy’s most known web tv’s PnBox.

The tv is based on the contents offered but the final users, anyone can produce videos, record interviews or any other content and send it to then watch it on demand for free.

Tomorrow Francesco will be brought to trial, facing six months of jail, accused by the order of journalist to be broadcasting information without actually being a journalist and provide a service to the community that replaces standard means of communication.

Italy has already faced issues on similar topics earlier this year with the legislative reform proposal (paragraph 29) in which there was a requirement for all websites to publish, within 48 hours of the request without comment, a correction of any content that the applicant considers detrimental to its image. Fortunately the proposal didn’t pass.

PnBox’s case will probably be a very representative one in the scenario of free information.

So the appointment is tomorrow, 12pm at the Pordenone Courthouse, for probably what would be the final decision. Don’t forget the popcorn and soda.


For the past 4 months, together with my photography partners Alessandro Venier and Maurizio Polese, I’ve been shooting a large collection of local artisans of the province. Unique jobs that are now facing extinction.

The project is sponsored by ASCOM and Confartigianato, the Artisans and Traders Union of Pordenone, Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia. The number of images is growing by the day, we are extremely proud of having the chance to work on this.