Bebe Vio for WIRED

Proud to have taken part to the new issue of WIRED Italia photographing the mighty Bebe Vio for the cover story. Many, many thanks to David Moretti, Massimo Pitis, Francesca Morosini, Federico Ferrazza as well as assistant Maurizio Polese.


Italy’s change of face for WIRED

“Europe is transforming by integrating new ethnic groups to local cultures. It is the end of an era, the ’emergency emigration’, which sparked out of Middle Eastern wars and population boom in Africa, will require radical choices . And very urgent ones.”

For a piece by Emma Bonino published on the latest issue of WIRED Italy, a series of portraits with the creative direction of David Moretti and Massimo Pitis . Thanks to Francesca Morosini and Anna Francavilla  as well as Federica Marziale Iadevaia, Teo Zanin and Judy Bedetti.


Ai Pioppi for Smith Journal

Last March I shot a story on Bruno Zaghis and his mesmerizing amusement park for Smith Journal. This  place is quite special, as a matter of fact I was there again, just a few days ago, with some friends to have lunch and play.

“A few years after Bruno Zaghis started his restaurant in rural italy, he had the idea of building a small playground to attract customers. things ended up getting a little out of hand.”

“Cobbled together from recycled objects and brightly coloured iron, Zaghis’s park gives the impression of a giant Meccano set. Some of the attractions are simple: a trampoline made out of knotted bits of rubber, a giant hamster wheel, a seesaw. But others are fantastically ambitious.”

The story is by Adrian Craddock and Livia Albeck-Ripka, below you can see the tearsheets and some outtakes. Many thank to Adrian and Maurizio. Also, make sure you watch the beautiful movie produced by Fabrica, at this link.

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