Paolo Gasparini for New Scientist.

About a month ago I had the chance to portray Paolo Gasparini for the New Scientist. The geneticist got back from a 20.000 kilometers expedition on the Silk Road, trying to establish what are the connections between genes and preferences in taste.
Below the tearsheets of a fascinating interview by Laura Margottini and the article that generated from it which appeared on the May 18th 2013 issue.

Many thanks to Teresa Frausin and Maurizio Polese for their help.

NSC_180513_029-1-web NSC_180513_029-3-web paolo-web

Concentration power plant for Wired Magazine.

Last April I was assigned to photograph the building of a large solar-concentration power plant  commissioned by Italcementi in the Maroccan desert, about an hour drive from Agadir.

The site uses a quite spectacular technology by mounting very large-sized mirrors on top of concrete structures that follow the movements of the sun. The light rays then converge towards the center of the mirror where an air pipe runs. For now the project is considered in the research and development phase but the final use – rather than completely replace non-clean energy – is to fill in for the fluctuating costs of energy itself.

Below the published article with the original images and an outtake.

agadir2 balsamini_wired_agadir05-web agadir3 agadir-1

Caorso nuclear power plant for Wired Magazine.

In December of last year I got assigned for Wired
 Magazine to photograph the nuclear power plant of Caorso, Italy. Its reactors have been turned off in 1986 – but the dismantling is still ongoing. Caorso is going to be the largest reclamation of a nuclear site in Europe. So there is a very delicate debate on where the national deposit of nuclear waste will be located. The article (in italian) is by Guido Romeo, at this link.

Below are some of the published images on the current February issue and some outtakes.