Massachusetts Institute of Technology for WIRED Italia

I visited a selection of departments and laboratories at MIT for WIRED Italia for the latest issue, entirely dedicated to images.

Below some of the tearsheets and outtakes.

Many thanks to David Moretti, Federico Ferrazza, Francesca Morosini and the entire team at WIRED Italia. Andrea Fanelli and Simon Simard for the support in Cambridge.


Bebe Vio for WIRED

Proud to have taken part to the new issue of WIRED Italia photographing the mighty Bebe Vio for the cover story. Many, many thanks to David Moretti, Massimo Pitis, Francesca Morosini, Federico Ferrazza as well as assistant Maurizio Polese.


Mine Kafon for WIRED

I had the infinite honor of photographing a feature about afghan designer Massoud Hassani and the Mine Kafon Project.

Growing up in Afghanistan, Massoud Hassani, founder of Hassani Design BV and Mine Kafon creator, experienced the dangers of landmines first hand. After moving more than 40 times through different countries, Massoud and his family settled down in the Netherlands, where he went on to study Industrial Design at Design Academy Eindhoven.

Inspired by the homemade wind-powered toys he made during his childhood in Afghanistan, Massoud created the Mine Kafon wind-powered landmine detector for his 2011 graduation project. The project rapidly gained interest in the media and in 2012, Massoud and his brother Mahmud organised a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the development of the Mine Kafon as a prominent piece of landmine clearing technology.

Having undergone extensive prototyping and field testing with the support of the Dutch Ministry of Defence, Hassani Design BV’s multidisciplinary team, are now working to optimise the Mine Kafon to safely and efficiently operate across all landmine contaminated terrains.

Special thanks to the whole Mine kaftan Foundation team, David Moretti, Francesca Morosini, Massimo Pitis @ Pitis & Associati for involving me in this project and Teo Zanin for the always invaluable help.


Italy’s change of face for WIRED

“Europe is transforming by integrating new ethnic groups to local cultures. It is the end of an era, the ’emergency emigration’, which sparked out of Middle Eastern wars and population boom in Africa, will require radical choices . And very urgent ones.”

For a piece by Emma Bonino published on the latest issue of WIRED Italy, a series of portraits with the creative direction of David Moretti and Massimo Pitis . Thanks to Francesca Morosini and Anna Francavilla  as well as Federica Marziale Iadevaia, Teo Zanin and Judy Bedetti.


Facebook A.I. for WIRED

Happy to have contributed to the new issue of Wired Italia with a story by Maurizio Pesce about Facebook’s labs in Paris, where they are reaching new heights in A.I. — teaching computers how to anticipate user’s needs.

Many thanks to photo editor Francesca Morosini and Valeria Zolin






Teatro alla Scala for WIRED

Immense spaces as large as aircraft hangars, a scenic system among the most modern in Europe , tens of thousands of followers on social networks . The temple of Italian opera is at a critical crossroad : tradition or innovation ?

For the December/January double issue of WIRED magazine I spent a day photographing the engine behind the productions of one of the world’s most famous theaters.

Many thanks to assistants Stefano Sargentini and Teo Zanin as well as photo editor Francesca Morosini.




Formula E for Wired Magazine

This late August I was sent on assignment in the UK by WIRED to document the preparation behind Formula E debut event in Donington Park. The focus was on the technology behind these new type of completely battery-powered race cars from the perspective of Jarno Trulli’s team.

Infinite thanks to the people who made this possible: David Moretti, Francesca Morosini, Marianna Leone, Michael White, the Marra’s, Federico Ferrari, John Sears and all the staff at Team Trulli.

balsamini-wired-trulli-fe002 balsamini-wired-trulli-fe004Below: Michela Cerruti, 27 yr old, second pilot of the team.

balsamini-wired-trulli-fe005Below: inside the electrical engine is by McLaren, the ions battery by Willliams

balsamini-wired-trulli-fe012 balsamini-wired-trulli-fe013Below: the battery charger

balsamini-wired-trulli-fe014Below: the starting key.

balsamini-wired-trulli-fe023 balsamini-wired-trulli-fe009

Gigi Buffon for WIRED

On the June issue of WIRED an in depth interview to Gigi Buffon and the reasons that pushed him to become majority shareholder of Zucchi & Bassetti.

Gigi talks, sitting at a table in an office that was once part of the company dormitory “My passion for the stock market started 15 years ago and Zucchi is a title that has always struck me. In a couple of years on a total of about 200 seats, it kept closing in negative. So, slowly, I started to buy actions, every day”. Shares continue to drop, but that is not enough to stop Buffon. “I continued to buy up to close to 2%”. Then, on a very positive day, the stock earns 40%. I was at a crossroads: to sell and earn or make this an adventure serious investment. I chose the difficult path”. 

Gigi Buffon – Interview by Omar Schillaci and Riccardo Meggiato / photographs: Mattia Balsamini. Many thanks to Francesca Morosini and her help during the location scouting harsh afternoon.

balsamini-buffon-zucchi-wired001_30b1 b2 b3

The wheat campaign / Wired Magazine HACK THE EXPO (pt.1)

This month, WIRED magazine focused its attention on food and the imminent Food Expo, beginning may 2015 in Milan. With the awareness that this international event is going to be an opportunity that cannot be missed, bringing to the city an estimated number of 20 million people, the magazine brings to the table ideas and initiatives for whom wants to actively participate – creating connections by making nodes visible to each other.

In this context, I had the opportunity of photographing three separate features for the magazine – all of them connected to the central theme. The story below is a fascinating look into the world of Rosario Floriddia (and more generally a report about wheat production). Floriddia is a farmer son of farmers, who in the outskirts of Pisa, with specialized agronomists is working on the genetical improvement of the crops. Nothing to do with GMO’s – they are experimenting the so called “participative breeding”. Below the tearsheets.

The wheat campaign by Elisabetta Tola / Photography Mattia Balsamini

Many thanks to: David Moretti, Francesca Morosini, Elisabetta Tola, Riccardo Bocci, Rosario Floridda (for the bags of goodies they sent us on our way with after the shoot), Giulia Bonelli, Marianna Leone, Paola Bonvini, Michela Locci and Gianni Gigli.


Density Design for WIRED Magazine

The infodesign taskforce / How do you visualize complexity? Wired asked it to Paolo Ciuccarelli at Politecnico di Milano. His research laboratory Density Design, forges talents collaborating with Stanford, the World Health Organization and, since its very beginning, with Wired Italy. For mr. Ciuccarelli data processing is not a tasteful product but instead a key to understand reality from a different perspective.

Text – Gianluca Ricuperati / Photographs Mattia Balsamini

Many thanks to David Moretti, Francesca Morosini, Michela Locci and Nicola Fornasieri.