Italo Rota, Una Storia Elettrica

Architect and designer Italo Rota recently published his latest book “Una Storia Elettrica”  which investigates issues within the theme of energy, and the complex relationship between man and nature. It also features brief photo and written essays I worked on in collaboration with incredible photographer Giovanni Chiaramonte.  I just finished reading it and more then anything I enjoyed Italo’s aversion to simplify complex ideas – You can purchase the book worldwide at this link.

Below: The cover, some of the spreads in the photographic part of the book and the back.

Special thanks to Italo Rota, Francesca Morosini for being responsible for this friendship, scientifical coordinator Francesca Grassi and Domiziana Bani.
storiaelettrica02 storiaelettrica03 storiaelettrica04 storiaelettrica05 storiaelettrica06 storiaelettrica07 storiaelettrica08 storiaelettrica09 storiaelettrica10

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